Upgrade Your Electrical System
October 22, 2019
Why do I need an electrician?
October 22, 2019
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It can become extremely frustrating, when you have a new appliance or set up in your home and you go to plug it in and it does not turn on. The next step is always to troubleshoot. Take your appliance to another outlet, check the appliance first. Lets make sure that new electronic is actually functioning before ruling out the outlet all together. Do not attempt to pull apart the switch, if you are not a professional. This could be really dangerous.

Trouble shooting the Appliance

Make sure when testing the appliance there is not a reset button on the device, they are typically located toward the end of the cord, or in the middle. This is a breaker that essentially grounds the electrical source not allowing power to go through. If you do not press the rest button it is very possible that all outlets can show as not functioning but not be the case. If the device has than turned on, it is safe to say the outlet is not working. Just to be sure, feel free to try another device in the same outlet.

One thing to be sure to look out for is a switch. Is there a light switch near by that could be controlling the power to the outlet? The purpose of the light switch, is just in case you would like to have control of the light in the room. This way when you enter the room, there is the ability to turn the light on, if you do not already use voice activated lights. In this case the light switch would be causing the outlet to not work.

Reset the GFI Outlet

What is a GFI outlet? GFI stands for ground fault circuit interrupter. State law requires for your safety, that a GFI be installed anywhere where there is an outlet near a water source. This could be a kitchen, a bathroom, or a laundry room. The GFI is extremely sensitive and is designed to protect the home from electrocution. However, if there are multiple sources pulling from the same electrical circuit, such as a fridge or a microwave… it is very possible the GFI could trip, and need to be reset because it detects a power surge. Before touching the GFI reset button (the small reset button in between the outlet) make sure there is now water or disturbance on the outlet.

Is it time to call in the professionals?

Anytime you are working with electrical it can be very dangerous. It may seem like a super small job, and youtube may have the solution, but you do not know what could be on the other side. With electricity constantly flowing through every electrical circuit any kind of problem is dangerous. At this point it is always best to get advice from a professional. This is the quickest way to make your home a safe environment again. Reach out to American Electrician to get your free quote, and same day service today!

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