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October 22, 2019
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There are numerous things that can go wrong in any house hold or business. You could have overloaded circuits, short circuits or even ground fault surges. If you do not have the experience to fix these kind of issues, and you try to do it yourself, this could be very dangerous. We are here to help Colorado Springs and Denver for all electrical needs.

Safety, means anything that could trigger a circuit breaker could potentially put your home in danger. Now some can be harmless but is this something we really want to take a chance with? American Electrician has licensed master electricians that are here to make sure you keep your home safe. Here are a few things to look out for.

Overloaded Circuits

Circuit breakers are most commonly tripped due to overloaded circuits. How can a circuit become overloaded? When too much power is being drawn. Too many devices or appliances are plugged in and pulling power at the same time. This could cause fire, overheating and damage to all devices that are plugged into the circuit. Problematic devices usually come from vacuums, air conditioners, space heaters and other powerfully corded tools. What you might see as harmless could potentially light the house on fire depending on what kind of do it yourself project you have going on in the garage.

Short Circuits

Short Circuits typically occur when a live or hot wire contacts a neutral wire some where in the circuit. Most of the time this is going to happen inside a light fixture, switch or an outlet. When this happens, massive amounts of heat is created and this can be incredibly dangerous. If there is an electrical fire, the most common cause is going to be a short circuit. This is very dangerous to not allow the professionals to take care of and could cost you your home.

Ground Fault Surges

Relatively close to a short circuit, a ground fault surges happen when two wires cross, causing a reaction inside the circuit. These wires are not suppose to connect. When a wire comes into contact with a ground wire it can be hot and live. Or if it connects to the edge of the box or any other grounded source this causes a grounded fault surge. Never handled a ground fault surge? This could lead to death, by electrocution, and major electrical fires. It is always important to contact the professionals for your safety.

Do you need a professional that can tell you what is going on? Always a free quote with prompt service in Colorado Springs, for all your electrical needs. Feel Free to reach out today and contact us .

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