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Here for all of your ventilation needs & Significantly Reduce your Electric bill!




Starting from the outside of the home, to flushing the heat to the attic, your home will instantly feel cooler. Instantaneous relief, feel 20 degrees cooler even when its 80 degrees out.

Energy Savings

Limit the AC in the hot spots of your home. Save on your A/C by using ventilation throughout the home. This will save 50-90% on your bill and life of your AC.

Money Savings

With Energy efficient motors QuietCool save you 50-90% on your electric bill. This will also extend the life of your AC unit, because it wont have to work as hard. Save 50-90 percent on the life of your AC unit itself.


Balance the temperature in your home. Is the top floor the hot spot? Is the basement the cold spot? Use QuietCool to keep a steady temperature in all rooms.

Get rid of odors

This could include Smoke, Pets, gases and Germs. QuietCool will help keep the air fresh and circulating through the home. Eliminate odors in 3-4 minutes (kitchen, bathroom and pet dander too.


15 year warranty on both the Stealth Pro and Trident Pro Fans. This is the best warranty in the industry.

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Facts And Questions

I have never herd of QuietCool
QuietCool is the latest technology advancement in the Whole House Fan Industry today. Due to the style of the motorhead, the component has a suspension that stops any kind of vibrations going through the house to keep it Quiet. This creates a calm quiet environment as the home is cooled down. Tired of high cost loud noise air conditioners? QuietCool is the alternative.
How QuietCool Works?
In order for the fans to work properly, you are going to want to open certain windows in your home. Once you have determined the best select windows to open, turn on your QuietCool Fan. The air pulls through your open windows, creating a fresh scent and fresh air atmosphere. Once you get the fresh air in the home, it will replace the hot air inside the attic. This allows the entire home to get fresh air, relieving odors, smoke or any other bad smell in your home at the same time keeping it cool.
Do I have to open all windows?
No, we do not recommend you open all windows. Most people use 2-4 windows. It depends on the strength of the breeze you would like going through your home. Test out all windows in a rotation to find out which windows work best for you. Open them 6 inches at a time.
What is the difference between the Stealth Pro and The Trident Pro Fans?
Both are pro series models that have different features to best accommodate your home. There are 7 Different sizes available for each fan. The Trident Pro only has a 2 speed motor as the Stealth pro has a 3 speed motor. The Seatlh Pro Is a little quite with an ultra energy efficient motor.
How can QuietCool Save me money?
The average AC unit have an upward cost of $1-$2 an hour to run. The QuietCool Whole house fans turn on for pennies on the hour. If you can run the fans all night, this can run into the next day and keep the home cool.
Where is QuietCool Made?
QuietCool is made in Temecula, California. Built in the USA with a 15 year manufacturer's warranty on the motor.
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Colorado Best QuietCool Authorized Dealer

  • Whole House Fans
  • Attic Fans

Attic Fans

Stealth Pro Fan

  • Energy Saving Motor
  • 15 year Warranty The best in the Industry
  • Airtight Damper Box
  • Ultra-Energy Efficient ECM


  • 120 VAC, 60hz
  • Energy Saving Motor
  • Up to 2000 CFM on High at 108 Watts
  • Keep the Attic Cool
  • Plug and Play (no Wiring)

AFG Pro 3.0

  • 120 VAC, 60 HZ
  • Two Speed Motor, Your Choice between 2 speeds
  • Up to 2860 CFM on high at 205 Watts
  • Plug and Play (no wiring)
  • Keep the attic Cooler


  • 120 V DC
  • 30 Watt Solar Panel
  • AC/DC Inverter for 24/7 Cooling
  • Plug and Play (no wiring)
  • Keep the attic Cooler
  • Save up to 30% on A/C related costs


  • 120 VAC, 60 HZ
  • 10 Speed ECM Motor
  • Built in Thermostat
  • Built- in Humidistat
  • Up to 2830 CFM on high at 163 Watts
  • Plug and Play No Wiring

Whole House Fans

Stealth Pro Series

  • The latest and most advanced whole house fans.
  • Power Efficient
  • 15 year Warranty The best in the Industry
  • Elite Whole house fan models
  • Industry leading Warranty


  • Covers up to 1053 to 1580 Sqft Homes
  • Energy Saving Motor
  • Up to 2350 CFM
  • Damper Box, Removable Grill, Window locks, Controls
  • Comes with 6 Foot Duct
  • QC STL PRO 3.3X Motorhead


  • Covers up to 1427 to 2140 Sqft Homes
  • Energy Saving Motor
  • Up to 3130 CFM
  • Damper Box, Removable Grill, Window locks, Controls
  • Comes with 9 Foot Duct
  • QC STL PRO 4.8X Motorhead


  • Covers up to 1681 to 2522 Sqft Homes
  • Energy Saving Motor
  • Up to 3750 CFM
  • Damper Box, Removable Grill, Window locks, Controls
  • Comes with 9 Foot Duct
  • QC STL PRO 5.5X Motorhead


  • Covers up to 3050 Sqft Homes
  • Energy Saving Motor
  • Up to 6035 CFM
  • Damper Box, Removable Grill, Window locks, Controls
  • Comes with 6 Foot Duct
  • QC STL PRO 6.5 Motorhead